Artist statement

My name is Igor.

Born in 1981 in Moscow.

In 2001, he took up airbrushing.

From 2004-2013, he painted large canvases with fluorescent paints for Moscow clubs, hanging them as decoration for the space.
03.10.2013 Made the installation “Parade of Planets”

park ”Vorobievi gory”

In 2013 participated in the exhibition “Spiral of the Universe” as a project “Visual Yantra”

Library – cultural center of A.P. Chekhov

I have been working since 2014
interior decorator.

In 2019 participated in the exhibition “Visionary Art”

with a reproduction of “Chakra” 2010-2019. in the author’s frame.

Moscow House of Artists, Kuznetsky Most.
In 2020, he completed a one-year skills development course
in painting at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute. Surikov.

08/03/2021 participated in the exhibition-competition of animal art “Cat Mania & Dog Mania”

from a painting specially painted for the exhibition

in a given topic.

Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists

30.10.2021 International exhibition of symbolic art “Zen Art Festival”

Participated with two jobs. One of which won first place in the nomination Zen spaces and universes (symbolism in cosmogony / cosmism)

Congress Hall “Amber Plaza”

We are all parts of the Cosmos.
Knowing ourselves, we know the boundless universe.

Microcosm in Macrocosm.
I mostly write my stories in the style of mystical realism.

I like to mix the unreal with the real. This gives impetus to shift the point of view towards the illusory nature of our world.
I work with acrylic materials in painting technique with glazing effects. The image has depth
which you can peer into for a long time and each time find something new.
With the help of knowledge in the psychology of color, 

its influence on the psyche and feelings of a person, 

I put my mood into each picture.
I started painting with a passion for airbrushing.
As painting skills improve

experimenting with different materials

and techniques moved to classical painting.
My work is a splashing out of encrypted internal experiences and emotions that happened

during a certain period of life.
I set the game with the viewer in interpretation with hints 

“what did the author want to say?”